Monday, November 15, 2010

Grandma's Quilt

I love quilts. They can be a beautiful metaphor for so many life situations. Aren’t we all just putting little pieces together and doing the best we can? 

The Quilter 
Melissa Rives

Sitting in her rocker
Holding needle and some thread...
Her fingers told a story
Without pen or pencil lead.

But written in the fabric,
Stories woven in her stitch...
While every block inside her quilt
Holds memories so rich.

Her stitches perfectly in line,
You would  find no flaw to see.
Her quilts were sewn by hand with care,
And not machinery.

Such talent in her fingers,
Created works of art...
The colors and the patterns blend,
The love poured  out from her heart.

For every stitch was sewn with more
Than just a piece of thread...
I'm sure she tucked some prayers in there,
Though she really never said. 

 This card was created for the Dirty Dozen.. It was my favorite out of all 6 months worth of stamping.   My grandma was a quilter and I have precious memories of her sitting at a treadle sewing machine sewing away.. She would pump with her foot and stitch with her hands.  Great memories.. So this card is dedicated to her.  She was always so proud of my sewing. 

This image is from Mo's Digital Pencil and is called Mummu's Laundry


  1. This card brought so many wonderful memories as did the poem. My mom has been gone nine years but she was a beautiful quilter. I am so proud to have her quilts in my home. Your card is lovely and I can see why it would be a favorite. Thank you for sharing, you brightened my day.

  2. Great card and story behind it :)

  3. Hi Dawn, this is gorgeous, I love this image, my sister is a quilter. I do struggle with digi images though, as I use watercolour & my printer inks run. Must get something sorted!
    I love your colours & the layout is perfect
    Hugz Fleur xXx

  4. Oh, great card. Just love the bold colors. Thanks for the poem and story about your Grandma.

  5. This is such a beautiful poem. Thank-you for sharing the story about your grandma. She would be so proud of your sewing...and your cards! I love this card,and with the close pins is such a great idea! Beautifull coloured Dawn.

  6. Beautiful poem to go along with your beautiful card! Just love it!

  7. This is absolutely fabulous, Dawn! I love that it reminds you of your grandmother too. Every time I crochet a flower I think of mine.

  8. DAWN WOOOWEE this is wonderful, I LOVE love your layout, image, coloring, everything is spectacular girl!

  9. Wow, Dawn, I LOVE this card! Your BG mimicking the red/white blocks of the quilt image is a great idea! My mother and grandmother were both avid quilters, but looks like I'm breaking the chain by turning to papercrafting instead.

  10. Fabulous artwork! My grandma made quilts too. Grandpa said the first dream you have under a new quilt would come true!

  11. DAwn this so precious and amazing card.
    Love the design. Fantastic colouring and details.

  12. Oh, Dawn...what a touching poem and FABULOUS card to honor your Grandma!!! That is one of my favorite Mo's images and you have colored it beautifully!!!! I am a quilter and was hoping one of my DGD's would love to learn but no luck so far...I may have to wait for the great grand's...LOL!!

  13. Wonderful poem Dawn and fabulous card, gorgeous coloring.

  14. Very cute, Dawn! I just love your special touches: clothespins, buttons, and STORY ticket. Awesome work :)

  15. So wonderful card Dawn,I love the image and the colours.
    So gorgeous papers.

    Hugs Riet.x

  16. So sweet! Love the card and Poem. I will have to send that yo my MIL. She will love that. :)

  17. fabulous card, Dawn, love the poem too!
    hugs, Alina

  18. What a lovely image you've used, and love the colours you've used. What a nice memory, its so nice looking back and remembering days/years past

  19. Dawn, oh my goodness, this quilt card is over the TOP!!!! Love all of the texture and this absolutely fabulous image, well, they are made for each other! What a beautiful card!! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

  20. Stunning colouring and gorgeous design with the background matching the quilt and those little clothes pegs. Lovely! Warmest wishes, Lesley

  21. This is so pretty Dawn! I love quilts too! There is a warm fuzzy feeling that goes along with them and such great memories! Love this fun Mo's image... love the patchwork and sponging... love it all!
    Hope you are doing OK!!!

  22. Oh how I adore this post Dawn!! I love the card with your talented coloring and how you've mimicked the pattern in the card background! I love the story you've put with it too. Don't know if you've ever read that book by Dolly Pardon and the "coat" story..absolutely my fav!! :) HUGS

  23. What a wonderful memory you have all sewn up there with that wonderful quilt background and perfect image. Thank you for sharing the poem too. How touching. I'm going to file that one away.

  24. This reminds me of my sweet Grandmother who loved quilts! I'm a novice quilter and very slow to finish one. This image brings back so many wonderful memories! Beautiful

  25. Dawn, what a special tribute to your grandmother. I love quilts, too. I know ladies used to get together for quilting bees but I never hear of it anymore. I'm sure it still happens, though. Your card is just wonderful with all the special touches.

  26. I like how you made the patchwork background to go with that super image. How nice that you could tie it to a personal memory too.

    I was a quilter at one time. My grandmother could never understand it. She questioned why anyone would cut a big piece of fabric into little pieces just to sew them together into a big piece again. Especially when you could go to the store and get a "bougten" blanket with almot no effort.

  27. Since I just started to learn how to quilt, I really appreciate this card and what you wrote about it. I love the quilted background.

  28. Oh my! Just a beautiful quilted background to your card, very creative!! I love the addition of clothes pins and twine too!
    Wonderful work as always!
    Jodi =)

  29. beautiful card & a beautiful post Dawn! Thank you for sharing!
    big HUGS!


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