Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When Pigs Fly, Blog Candy Winner and My Craft Room

Beware... this is a long personal post so if you aren't interested just tune back to your locally scheduled program..:)

In keeping up with my personal posts I wanted to share a bit of me..

About 16 months ago I had major surgery.  It was a very trying time for me.  I can't tell you how much love and support I got from the stamping community.  One of those that really understood what I was going through was my sweet friend Lorraine.  She too had a similar surgery but with many complications.  SO much so that she had to have another surgery. Here is what she had done:

  But it has become even more personal to me over the course of this last 14 months and, as luck would have it, I now owe a bit of my health to a pig.  (They used a pig's pericardium to repair the hernias I had in my hysterectomy incision.) 

Last year in March I received my first pig from Lorraine... Here it is:

Glas Pig

It is a little glass pig she found and she enclosed it in the plastic fruit jar and sent it with the postage on the jar and my address. I was tickled pink.  Her message to me was on this tag which I use as a bookmark in my Bible:

Pig Tag

On the back she wrote this poem:

A pig that has wings
Does impossible things!
Over clouds it can fly
In the wink of an eye!
She may tickle you pink
But she wants you to think
Of her messge to each
"Nothing's out of your reach!"
©LMastalski 2007

This year I got this adorable little pig...


When I saw on her blog that she was going to have a pigs on parade I just had to join in.. This was harder than I thought it would be.. She sent us all a paper mache pig.  

We were to decorate them and I introduce to you my Flowered Petunia Pig.  She is much prettier than the pigs I grew up with.  I attached some wings that Lorraine included in the package.  


Little did she know that Pigs have a significant meaning for my family.  I grew up on a stinky pig farm.  Pigs were our bread and butter so to speak. Many mornings before school I would get up at the crack of dawn and do pig chores.  It taught me hard work and determination.  Determination to be the first one done so I could get the first shower.  WIth 8 kids in the family that was not an easy task. Let me tell ya the pigs got slopped fast.

 I really enjoyed this project.  I am hoping to send this to someone else that needs a healthful lift.  

Now on to my NEW craft room.  It has been 3.5 years in the making and 25 years on my wish list.   I chose a Carribean Blue for my walls.  


My husband designed it with all natural lighting and 8 outlets.. This is my new desk that tilts and the view is of flowers that have not bloomed yet and my bird feeders.  Beyond that fence is the lake. It is so pretty here in North Carolina.   I love the bay window.  When my flowers are all blooming I will take another picture to show you.


My closet is rather small but it really helped me to downsize. I sent a bunch of cards I had made and collected to a friend that gave them to a cancer center for children.  That felt so good.  I have many Stampin Up sets I am going to donate too but not sure where that will be.  Any ideas?
 Can you tell my hubby works for a tote company.. He ordered me 50 totes and I filled them I have to show you now while it is still clean.  :)


My first decor element.  A wreath my daughter made.  

Well that is what is new in my world.  I am busy moving and cleaning my stamping area.  

Now on to my blog candy winner.  :)

True Random Number Generator  15Archies Mum said:

Those magnolias are gorgeous. Love the style of your card. Hope your arm is better by now?
Please contact me at and yes my arm is much better.  Thank you for caring..:)


  1. I love the pigs, Dawn. . .what a sweet reminder that our friends care. I lived just down the street from a pig farm as a child in Nebraska. We we so used to the smell, and so many of my friends lived on pig farms. Your craft room looks like it will be a wonderful place to craft, and what a great hubby you have. Someday it is my hope to have a place all my own as well :D

  2. I just love those pigs! Your Pink one is adorable, would look fun attached to the ceiling-love that it is my favorite color PINK!!!
    I am so envious of your view in your craft room,oh how wonderful to see outside
    Thanks for sharing and i am glad you have such a supportive friend with a great sense of humor, makes life so much more exciting

  3. Cute pigs! I collect pigs but never thought to decorate one. Your craft room looks wonderful and that view is awesome. I can't believe you filled 50 totes....50..that's come serious crafting!

    1. I know right??? They are small. I have way too much. Half of them are sewing supplies. Does that count? Thanks for the sweet comments.

  4. Thank you for sharing such a personal matter Dawn. I never realised you had been through so much. So pleased you are feeling a lot better now.
    They are beautiful gifts and so fitting. Loving your fab alteration and of course pigs do fly, well I think they Sending you hugs Annette x

  5. Ah, your pigs are so cute! TFS your story!

  6. Love your pigs and the stories around them, Dawn! And I am truly enjoying your personal anecdotes, too. I am so happy that you are feeling better this year and that your arm is better, too! I have to say, I am totally envious of your gorgeous new craft room and the view! You so desrve it and I am glad you are finally getting to move in! You chose such a beautiful and serene color and the wreath your daughter made is perfect! You go girl, packing up and clearing out all that stuff. It feels good to start fresh, doesn't it? I should have done that when I moved. Can't wait to see the pics when your flowers are all in bloom! JoAnn is arriving here tomorrow for a little visit. Wish we could go to Betty's and meet you! Alas, we'll have to make do here. Miss you lots and sending you big hugs! Carla

  7. Oh I remember when I was a kid our closed neighbor had pigs, the 3 kids were all girls and we use to run together... and yes I did slop the pig but it was only in the evening.... then down the road from us was a BIG dairy farm too...
    Love your pigs gifts.... and thanks for sharing today too... we all go thru things and think no one else has problems... but usually the person's problems are worse than ours.... So glad you doing better now!!!
    And that Beautiful New Craft Room.... to die for!!!! the color is so happy looking, love it.. and the wreath from your daughter is perfect!!! she is just as talented as her Mom is!!!

  8. I loved hearing your pig story. Your friend is a treasure! And real friends are blessings to cherish. Your new room is beyond beautiful. The view alone is breath taking. How I envy you that view! All I can see out my window are roof tops!

  9. Ah, I love your pig story! and your craft room - so lovely. Love the colors, the view, everything about it.

  10. So... you were up at the crack of Dawn - lol! Thanks for sharing your pig wonderful that you're passing on the blessings of friendship (your floral pig is simply adorable!). Your craft room is gorgeous and what a view you are blessed with! ((Hugs))

  11. Love all the pig things:) And oh my gosh - what a beautiful stamping room you have!!! How fun!

  12. Oh!! I love the pigs-then I read your post! Considering a robotic hysterectomy-but problems? I trading one set of them for another? Your room---is beautiful!! I am envious of the windows! The color is fantastic-the same color I had my office painted at my REAL job...! Wishing you well. Blessings, Sharon

  13. What a wonderful post Dawn. Very touching that is for sure. I totally love your craft room! Gorgeous!

  14. What cute little hubby works on a pig farm....he is none to sweet smelling some days! LOL...

    Beautiful color that you chose for your craft room. I can't wait to see that beautiful view out your window when everything is in bloom. I love this time of year.

  15. Your room is stunning! What a view for endless inspiration! Enjoy!

  16. Oh, how you will enjoy your new stamp room! I love the bay window looking out onto the garden. I'm afraid in the summer I'd be outside looking in, though. Of course, you'll be inside to escape the heat. Your blue is beautiful. My husband just painted my bathroom Bashful Blue. I might prefer a different shade, but it coordinates with some tiles in there. Your pig is darling. It sounds like you and your friend are having fun with this. Thank goodness for pigs!

  17. I have to admit that I was a bit teary-eyed reading this. You've inspired me with your wonderful artwork for some time now and I am so thankful for your friendship. Funny how we connect with people we have never met in person. I love your pig. She is beautiful and I am glad that you were part of this adventure. I love, love, love your craft room and can truly say that I am envious. I'm still stepping over bags and boxes of "stuff". But, believe it or not, I have almost that same shade of blue picked out for it.

  18. I am definitely envious of your craft room, and your view, Dawn!! Such a wonderful view to have, and your room color is beautiful!! I also need to do some purging and organizing, think your husband has any extra totes lying around? fun! So glad you are having a dream come true in this department!
    Your pig is so adorable, I did not know about the pig story, that is so sweet!
    And your daughter did a beautiful job with your wreath too...looks like talent runs in your family!

  19. Dawn, The pig is cute and must have been a fun project.
    Recently, I divided my unwanted stamps and donated half the stamps and ribbons to the special education class at the local high school and the other half to my son's day program for special needs adults.

  20. thanks so much for sharing.....and how lucky to have the lake in your view while creating.....and Caribbean Blue is it

  21. So thrilled and thankful that you are doing well. Equally thrilled about your new crafting space! Gorgeous wreath created by your daughter!!
    Beth Greco


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