Monday, March 12, 2012

Blog Candy Time

Teacup Kitty

I usually don't share much about my personal life on my blog but one of my new resolutions was to be more personable.  I have a couple of things to show you today. I have been busy up until last Friday when I took a tumble down our hardwood stairs.  Spent 4 hours in the emergency room.  Saturday we traveled back to my inlaws for their 60th wedding anniversary. So today I am feeling every ache and pain of that fall.  Luckily nothing was injured but my pride and my elbow. Hopefully it gets to feeling better soon.  I can't rest it long a table so no stamping this week. 

I created this card for Teapot Tuesday over at Splitcoaststampers.  We sent our cards to Lydia's mom who is recovering too.  This sweet little Cup of Kitty is from Tiddly Inks. 

I have been trying my hand at crocheting and created this card. It took me 2 hours to make 2 flowers.  Not too productive.  I used this You Tube video and replayed it about 10 times.  


This past week was my sister's birthday.   We don't see one another often but I wanted to create a bookmark and a little journal for her.  Here is what I came up with:


The beautiful Victorian style lace is from Flourishes.  I LOVE this lace.  They are out of it at the moment but will be adding more soon.  I then added some stitched leaves made from felt.  I quilted the little bird. I had found a bird image on Pinterest and added the felt heart.  The Journal is a Kraft Journal from The Kraft Outlet.  These little journals are just right for this project. 


I then created a bookmark to go with the book I gave her.  This book is amazing. The title is One Thousand Gifts, A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.  It is not a book you would read in a day or even a week. It is like a wonderful dessert you savor.  It is wonderfully written by Ann Voskamp.  She also has a fabulous blog that I find very inspirational and I love her photography. 

The bookmark is created using Flourishes Lenten Rose stamp set.  I stamped and colored with Flourishes Copics collections Fuchsia onto Flourishes Classic White cardstock. I stitched around the edges and added ribbon.  She got it on her birthday. Hopefully she will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. 

Next up are my inlaws.. they celebrated 60 years together this past weekend.  I am so happy that I was able to be a part of such a monumental occasion.  Wish I had been feeling better but we had a great time.

Lastly, my sweet son.  Baseball season is in full swing here in NC.  He is getting so big and I feel my momma's heartstrings tug each time I look at him.  He is such a special part of my life.  


So that is what is new in my world.. I am ready to give away some blog candy.. Let me know what is one new thing that has made you smile this past week.  I am offering a $20 gift certificate to any online store of your choice that offers them.  That way it can be open to all my blog readers.  Plus no shipping for me. :) I will pick a winner on Saturday.  


  1. Dawn, I really enjoy your blog and creations. You are very talented. I hope you feel better.
    The thing that made me smile this week is the way my brother interacts with his 2 year old daughter. He had her with his girlfriend when he was 50 years old! He has bcome an awesome dad and his daughter glows when they are together. It's very heart-warming!

  2. Thanks for sharing all the new, Dawn! So happy you could be at your in-laws' celebration! Great photo of your son, too! You must be very proud! Your projects are all gorgeous! Very creative and beautiful designs! I wish I could figure out the crocheting thing. I've watched a few videos, too, and just can't seem to get the hang of it. One thing that made me smile this past week was seeing my mother actually laugh out loud while listening to a conversation amongst some of the ladies at her dinner table. She rarely smiles or laughs anymore, so it was a delight for me to see it! Anyway, hugs to you, my friend! I hope your elbow is getting better!

  3. Hey Dawn! Don't know what Google Readers problem is, but it's taken forever for it to start including your posts since I followed you. :-( Sooo, your kitty card is super duper cute. He's just too cute peeping over the cup rim. :-) I love your crocheted flower. I need to get my daughter to make me some. She's a lot better at it than me. LOL Your little journal turned out wonderfully. They really are perfect for making little gifts.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your fall. Ouchie! Hope you're feeling much better soon.
    Now for my smile of the week. Seeing my 67 year old mother get on my future son-in-laws Kawasaki Ninja with him having the ride of her life. I thought it was my daughter on there, then found out it was my MOM! LOL
    Hope you have a fantastic week! Off to peruse all the posts I've been missing. :-) Hugs!

  4. Will it sounds like you had a FULL week from the E-ticket ride down the stares to hospital (always a fun trip) to being a part of Mom & Dads 60th Anniversary to getting out to watch your son play Baseball.... For someone that took a header you sure did get around Girl!!! Sounds like you need a little down time to re-coop to me! Hope your feeling better soon, take it easy now!
    Now what made me smile...... hmmmm.... lets see, I got a call from my Aunt up north and she is just full of FUN.. just hearing her voice makes me smile and remember so many Good times!

  5. Dawn hun oh my hope you recover fast from your fall :( Thank goodness nothing was broke!!! Your inlaws are absolutely adorable, what a great photo of the beautiful couple!!!

    I LOVE your card, the white, that darling image and your stitching is fabulous!!! I know your sister just LOVED that journal and bookmark what a great and beautiful gift!!!! GORGEOUS as always hun!!! Hope you have a good week and get to feeling better!

  6. Oh my goodness I am so glad you are ok! Must have been scary?
    I LOVE the journal and bookmark you made, what a beauty.
    I must admit I am always fascinated with knitting and crochet but always get
    Always thrilled to see you posting your creations.

  7. Oh Dawn, that is so sweet! I for one LOVE when bloggers share other parts of their life. Well one big thing that made me smile was the WEATHER!!!! How often is it 60 in the middle of March in Wisconsin? My kids played outside all day yesterday & my younger one is sunburned! While that part didn't make me smile, I do love that winter is a bit shorter this year & my kids can enjoy the nice weather outside. In March. In Wisconsin!

    PS -- hope you're feeling better!

  8. That journal you made your sister is exquisite Dawn! She's going to love it. I love your crocheted flowers! You'll get faster the more you make. Your card is really cute - I love your curved stitching. Sorry to hear about your fall! I'm glad you weren't badly hurt - be careful!

  9. So sorry about your fall, but glad you are okay. And what wonderful occassions you celebrated! That card with those flowers is so cute, and your sister's gift is beautiful!
    Hmm, what one new thing made me smile this week? My teen daughter sang 2 beautiful songs in church lastnight. She hadn't sung in church in about a year, not sure why, just something she was going through I guess.
    Her renewed spirit lifted and renewed my spirit. She brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your blog candy. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Goodness, Dawn, I'm so sorry that you took a tumble :( I'm glad you're okay! Happy Birthday to your sister and Happy Anniversary to your inlaws! Sixty years is pretty darn exciting! Your son looks right in his element too. We had opening night this last weekend with baseball and softball, but we sure are enjoying being up at the ballpark :) I guess that is what made me smile this last week. . .seeing my kids play ball, which is something they love :D

  11. Oh! Dawn so sorry to hear you fell, do hope you soon feel better. You need a little down time sweetie xxx
    Love the creations, I love crocheting and your flower is adorable xxx
    Your sister will love the Journal and bookmark, such a lovely scripture. and what can I say about your wonderful pics, your In-laws are so fortunate to reach 60yrs together I send wishes for more happy years for them. We are 47yrs so feel very blessed xx Your Son's pic is wonderful you have every right to be so proud of your most wonderful creation.
    What made me smile.....well Laugh as it happened in a shop full of people, My hubby needed his mobile phone no. for the shop assistant and he dug into his pocket and brought out the TV remote control...oops picked the wrong thing
    Hugs Mau xx

  12. Dawn - so glad nothing was broken in your fall down the steps A big congrats to your parents on 60 years. My parents will be celebrating their 60th anniversary on March 29 and my siblings are planning to surprise them by coming to visit them. None of us live nearby. For their 50th, we did a great big surpise for them.
    Yhe thing that made me smile last week was having a day off on Friday spending it with my husband - my favorite thing to do.

  13. OMGoodness these are all GORGEOUS projects!! And congrats on your in laws anniversary too! My grandparents just had their 68th but my Grandma was unfortunately in the hospital :(
    One new thing that made me smile this last week, gee thats a hard one. I guess it would have to be my hubby; He had his long blue shirt tail zipped "out" his shorts. Never noticed it. Hello??

  14. Where to start! The card, the bookmark, the journal? They are all just amazing & full of your touch. I know your sister was thrilled. You can see the love in each one. I'm so thankful you didn't suffer worse damage in your fall. Hopefully, all the aches will disappear quickly Thank you for sharing the picture of your son. He is such a cutie & you can see he looks a lot like you. And the 60th anniversary is something to cherish. Not many make it that long. Have a wonderful week & recover quickly!

  15. Hi Dawn! So glad to hear your fall wasn't worse than it turned out to be. But ouch... still hurts! Such a fun time to come and check out your new creations. I always just LOVE them! One new thing that made me smile last week was discovering Darcy's Diaries. Some really sweet images there and I really did smile!! :) Thanks so much!!

  16. Oh I'm so glad you didn't break anything...esp. your coloring hand! Love today's card and your crocheted flowers! Plus, your sister's gifts are a beautiful, priceless keepsake! I can't imagine being married 60 years but both look like they are going strong! Your son has grown! I hope he has a winning season. I love baseball. One thing that made me smile was a silly video on youtube.

  17. Praise God you did not get seriously hurt Dawn. Gorgeous card, wonderful coloring as always :). Love the journal and love the book mark. How blessed to have in-laws celebrating 60 years of marriage.

  18. That kitty image is sooo cute!! My daughter would be all over it. Love the journal and bookmark too.

    SO sorry to hear about your fall and elbow boo-boo! Not fun! A huge congrats to your in-laws!! My in-laws are at 65 years! LOVE it!!

    I hear you re: your boy growing up...mine is too. He is in a growth spurt right now and his face is changing again...getting all the hugs I can while they are still freely given :)

    Thanks for the chance to win and hope you get better soon! What made me smile this week - having everyone in our family healthy again! It's been a long haul!

  19. hi dawn i always love your fabulous work, hope your ellbog gets better soon!!!! and wow your parent are 60 jears maaried!!! congratulations!!! and have much fun!!!
    xx petra

  20. Oh Dawn...what are you like? Hope you're OK...muppet!
    And despite your injuries you still manage to knock out some cracking works of art...sigh.

    My smile of the week came in the form of one of my elderly clients who decided to get out his industrial-sized lawn mower for his tiny garden & practised using it on his 'patio' first before trying to get it up 6 steps to reach the raised garden

  21. Praying your elbow heals quickly and well. Loved all that you shared. Beautiful work but then I always love coming by your blog. Two of my sons popped in unexpectedly from campus this week ... that really made me smile.

  22. Oh, Dawn - I'm so sorry to hear about your fall! That sounds awful:( I'm glad it wasn't worse. Your card is awesome, of course. The projects for your sister area beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. My grandchildren make me smile all the time. Mostly the one I see everyday, but Skyping with the other two makes me smile broadly, too! Thanks for a great blog.

  23. Dawn, your creations are just amazing. I so love that kitty in the teacup, and you have definitely learnt your crotcheting (hows the knitting coming along?). Looks like you've had some nice family time. Can't really say that one new thing has made me smile. I could cheat and say that my dog Archie makes me smile every day especially his welcome when I come home from work.

  24. What a beautiful cards Dawn.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  25. OMG!!! sorry about the steps moving on you.. I hate when they do that. But glad you are OK..

    You card and bookmark are truly beautiful, you know I love your work.
    Thanks for sharing a little about you. Your son is so handsome, they grow so fast don't they. and 60 years of wedding bliss. I hope I don't kill my husband by God Bless them and your son...


  26. Hi Dawn. :) Your creations are always so beautiful and it's so nice to read about you. I've also been trying to spend more time being more personable. After I lost my Dad, suddenly everything was put into perspective. Family has become more important but, more so, is the people I've developed relationships with over the years. I think what's really made me smile this week is creating cards again from my heart for some docs we work for and feeling the work turn out satisfying. Thanks for asking and I always enjoy my visits here with your fantastic inspiration. Thank you for *love and hugs*

  27. It is hard to be "personable," for me also...mostly deciding what to share and how much. I enjoy your it tells me what we have in common and gives me more insight into the real you. I love that book also, and agree, it can only be digested bits at a time...and her blog is always inspiring to me. I wish I could write like that. :)
    As for your creative endeavors, I absolutely adore your journal!! What did you use for the covering? Is it burlap material? You did such a beautiful job with that. And your bookmark is beautiful also.
    Love your pictures, Dawn...what a blessing to have your in-laws alive and able to celebrate at that stage of life. And of course, your son is so handsome, I can see how you would be spitting with pride over him and that sweet face!
    I am so sorry you got injured, and hope your family is taking care of wishes and hugs for fast healing!! I still have a 'lil late package to send you...have been a bit busy with Dh's surgery and taking care of him. But it is foremost on my mind to get that out, late though it may be. Thanks for your transparency here.

  28. Oh, after perusing the comments, I realized you asked a question. Ok, so my smile this week came when DH was so proud of himself after taking 3 baby steps with no crutches. Yeah!! It was so funny to see my strong man taking tiny steps.

  29. When I read about your fall, I could so relate! We live in a two-story and I have slipped and ALMOST fallen several times! Even had to go out and get different house slippers with better grip soles. I am sooo glad you're ok now. Taking it slower, I'm sure. I love your blog and enjoy reading and seeing your posts. I especially like your heading where it reads 'wear red shoes". If only I had the courage! Take care! And thanks for a chance to win the gift certificate! Who couldn't use that in this economy?

  30. So sorry to hear about your fall, that's awful! I'm glad you weren't injured badly. Fun post with all your family details! One thing that I have smiled about this week is the treat table that our Parent Group put together to honor Classified Staff (instructional assistants and other non-teachers in a school). It was beautifully done in bright yellow and green. The treats were all matchy-matchy and the table was set with wonderful spring daffodils. It feels so nice to be appreciated.

  31. Awe...another quest on my bucket list of things I want to learn how to do...crochet. I can knit but have never taken up a crochet hook.
    What has made me smile this week? The early morning sunrise and the birds singing their Spring songs, my grandson spending Spring break with us, the 80 degree temps in March...and the fact that I can pick up the phone and still talk to my parents any day of the week...they celebrated their 65th last Fall. Congrats to your in-laws....its a feat not many are capable of making!

  32. Oh, I do love your bookmark and journal....and those sweet little crocheted flowers! Thanks for the youtube link...I'm going to go take a look and see if I can manage to whip up a few of these too. It's been years since i crocheted, but I'm hoping it's like riding a never forget how to do it!
    A lot of things have made me smile this week...but especially my 18 month old grand-daughter who came for a visit on Sunday. She talks up a storm and is the happiest kid around. I just love spending time with her and she has me laughing all day long!
    Hope your aches and pains subside soon...take it easy on those stairs! OUCH!
    I'm a new follower for your blog, and just loving what I see so far!

  33. Fabulous creations and hope you heal soon. 60 years is awesome for your in-laws.
    My 4 grandchildren make me smile. The latest just turned one month old at the beginning of March.
    slrdowney at hotmail dot com

  34. Wow, you had an eventful week! I'm glad your Ok, and I hope you heal quickly. That must have been so scary!
    I love, love your creative projects! I wish I had your creativity and artistry :) Everything is beautiful and I'm sure your family will love your gifts.

    The thing that put a huge smile on my face, was taking Lea Lawson's photography tips from Flourish's Limelight post, this past Sunday, to heart and kicking my photos up a notch. I really struggled with photographing my creations from day one, but after taking Lea's advice, I am beyond thrilled with how professional my pics are finally looking :)

  35. Cute projects! I love the crochet flower and the fun stitching. I'm sorry to hear about your injury and hope you heal quickly.

    I know one thing that put a smile on my face was my DH came home from work early and took my daughter to her fencing lessons. He knows I have been swamped at work and have been putting in a lot of extra hours which was leading me to being stressed at home and not having any time for myself. He came home early (on his own, I didn't ask) and took my daughter for the evening so that I could have some time to myself to relax, craft, or whatever I wanted. What a sweetie!


Thank you so much for sharing your comments with me. I really appreciate it.. Have a great stamping day..