Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thank You Snow Much.. Blog candy winners

Snowman Card

I wanted to take a minute and thank all of you for answering my survey.  It means so much to me.  It has given me the opportunity to explore some options at My Stamping Thyme.  

The survey was very interesting.  I got some great feedback not only from your comments but also from the survey.  Here are some of the results and the answers:

*Followers: Almost everyone that answered my survey followed my blog. I was really happy about that. I am over 500 followers now and will be giving away a blog candy starting Feb. 1st so stay tuned.  

* Variety: When I asked about more variety your answers were 75% would love to hear about my sewing, reading, cooking recipes etc. 25% said they only come for stamping.

*Color Challenge: If I sponsored a monthly color challenge with a gift certificate would you be interested or are there already too many challenges out there.  75% said they would participate 25% said they would not. 

*Tutorials:  I had many many many requests for video or picture tutorials on my Copics coloring.  This one I will have to work on.  I have created several video tutorials for DTs and found it was very time consuming.   I will work on this one.  I can also give some helpful hints along the way.  

*Pinterest:  I was also very surprised at this.  53% said they were a member of Pinterest and 47% were not.  It is a fabulous site.  Not only does it have amazing card designs but also has so much crafty goodness, style, books to read, home ideas, and most anything you can think of.  It is a big picture board with a link to where the picture came from. You can create a board of your own and 'pin' the picture to your board.  Great way to recall and save.  Just love it.  Right now you have to request an invitation to join OR you can find someone that can add you as a friend and then you can get on pretty quickly.  Check it out.  Flourishes now has lots of inspiration there and is going to be hosting a challenge too. 

Personal Info about Me:  86% said yes..14% said no.  So I will try to be more personable when I post.  :)

Now on to the winners of my blog candy.. 

TanyaJan 14, 2012 12:12 PM
Awww, this is adorable! What a cute image, and love the CAS look. Looking forward to your new ideas. :)

DottyA Cards & ThingsJan 15, 2012 05:02 AM
Now that's a CUTE Pug!!!
Boring is not the word I call your blog... I'm so excited when I see you just posted something new...
I follow a bolg where the gal adds recepie she cooks all the time that turned out well that week... nothing fancy just good food.
Another gal is always doing other crafts too like sewing and quilting... so talanted.
I just LOVE looking and hearing about it all!!
Not to wordy for me...
Thanks for sharing all your ideas!!

TheresaJan 16, 2012 07:59 PM
 Hi Dawn, what an adorable card. That pug is just so cute. My best friend and I had a pug for more than 20 years...we called her Pudgie. Very cute card.  
I totally love your blog. I don't always get to comment, but I totally love all your work. I don't come here for the blog candy. I come here for all the inspiration you give me. I would totally love to see you do some videos on coloring. I tried to answer your survey, but it wouldn't let me.

I will always be a faithful follower.

Please contact me and I let me know which online crafty site you would like a $10 gift certificate.  Only stipulation is to be sure they offer online gift certificates.  Please email me..

Stay tuned for my new Make It Monday starting in February.  I will be showing you the "other" side of Dawn's craftiness.  I already have several projects completed thanks to Pinterest.  If you need an invite email me..  I will accept you as my friend.

Again thank you all so much.  I am touched by all that was said and it has helped me so much in making some decisions on where I need to be in blogland.

One last thing.  If you are having trouble commenting on blogs I have a suggestion for you.  Upgrade to Google Chrome. I used to use Firefox or Internet Explorer.  Google Chrome is so much faster because Blogger is powered by Google.  I have not had any problems since I upgraded.  Thanks to my friend Heather that gave me this tip.  



  1. I love your card. The pink makes this so pretty. I think I want this stamp. The survey sounds like it will be more work for you. Just keep it fun for you!

  2. I am so glad you got such awesome feedback. It is nice to hear what others have to say. I am also happy to hear that the Google Chrome solved your Blogger issues. :)

  3. That snowman is beyond adorable!! Love the chunky snow and coloured to perfection as always :) Great fun reading the survey results too :) Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Hi dawn! I love your adorable snowman on his pile of glittery snow!

  5. How cute! So loving the clean look, the gingham ribbon, and that snowman, I love snowmen, soooooo cute! And I am totally thrilled to be one of your winners, thank you! Off to email you :)

  6. Awesome card, Dawn! love the cute snowman and the sparkle, too. Thanks for sharing the results of your survey.

  7. This card tugs at my heart! I LOVE IT Dawn. I love snowman and then I love everything you do with your cards....Great combo I say!LOL

  8. Just finished upgrading my computer to google so much better! Thank-you for letting me know what to do!
    Love your card Dawn!

  9. This is the cutest snowman card ever, Dawn. I LOVE it! Thanks for the info on Google Chrome. I had been using IE and when the commenting problems got bad, I went with Firefox but I'm still having problems. Maybe this is the answer for me.

  10. What a beautiful card Dawn.

    Hugs Riet.xx


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