Monday, January 30, 2012

Let It Snowman and Blog Candy Reminder

Full Snowman
My February celebration continues..
How would you like to win a snowman?  I have one just for you.  Leave me a comment as to the largest snowfall you have ever witnessed in inches.  I would have to say mine was in the 70's.  I think we got around 20 inches.  We couldn't even see out of our window.  So leave me a comment.  
This blog candy ends February 11th 2011.  

With the start of a new year I wanted to breath some life into my old sewing machine.  Now when I say old I mean 20 years old.  It no longer will zigzag but it created this birthday present for a dear friend.  We share a love for snowmen so I wanted to find a pattern that would let release some pent up sewing needs.

I found this pattern online from Country Whims. I LOVE all of her patterns.  This one is called 
Feed The Birds and is available on her website.. HERE.


I added a felt heart and some little twigs I had in my stash. I love that his arms are tied in the middle to hold the heart.  


I added a scarf, button eyes, felt hat and this curly nose.  This was a work of heart that I really enjoyed.  I have 10 more cut out to make as Christmas gifts next year.  The Country Whims pattern is a small snowman so I redrew the pattern to make mine bigger. 


I painted my fabric with Modge Podge and then sprinkled glass glitter on the fabric to complete my little guy. 
Hopefully you aren't too bored with my post today.. I also wanted to remind you of my blog candy...

Seeds of Friendship
You can win the Flourishes' set Sweet Days of Summer by leaving a comment HERE. 

Sadie Applesauce

You can win your very own Lang Recipe Cardholder by leaving a comment HERE.


  1. wow Dawn this snowman is amazing.
    Here in the Netherlands not a lot of snow for a snowman.

  2. He is sooooo cute!!! I have lived through a few big snowfalls here. First one was in '86. We got about 1.5 feet of snow in 48 hours. The second snowfall was Christmas a few years ago where we got close to 2 feet over 4 days. We don't get a lot of snow out here but those two years were amazing and caused a lot of people a lot of headaches as we don't have the snow removal equipment to deal with it efficiently as no need to have a lot of plows due to lack of snow in these here parts! People were snowed in all over the place. Best part was the blissful silence and being able to play in the snow with the kids :) Shoveling, not so much fun as there was a LOT of snow, but was great exercise :)

  3. Such a darling snowman, Dawn! You are so talented!! I had to look it up for the number, but we had a blizzard starting on Halloween in 1991. It was the "most snow in a single storm" total of 28.4 inches. Sure caught everyone by surprise!

  4. I am jumping up and down here has got to be the cutest, most adorable little snowman I have ever seen!!!! I want to win soooo bad! I haven't got a snowfall story to tell you as we don't get that much snow. We get snow but nothing to write home about!!!!! Darn. I'm out of the running. I am THRILLED you got sewing have such a talent in that department too!!!! Is there anything crafty you CANT do!!!!!! Love his nose!LOL

  5. What a beautiful snowman, Dawn! Glad you're having the chance to sew and do other crafty things again! This is absolutely adorable! The largest snowfall I ever saw was during the blizzard of '78. I was a college student in Boston at the time and we got about 3 feet the day of the storm. All the roads in the city were closed for days and only emergency vehicles were allowed to drive. Actually it was so nice to have beauty of white snow and the quiet in the city for a few days.

  6. This is the most amazing snowman I ever seen, just love it! Hugs Gemma

  7. Oh my word this snowman is TOTALLY ADORABLE!!!!

  8. Cute little snowman Dawn! The biggest snowfall I've ever seen was also my very first snowfall. I had just moved to Chicago from Houston, Texas. I don't know for sure the total number of inches, but we lived in a two story house and the drifts were so high that when you looked out the top story window you were looking even with the ground! Everyone called it the Blizzard of '67 - I loved it though as a kid having lived where it never snowed!

  9. Oh, my! I absolutely love this snowman!! Live in Washington and I think this year beat out most. We had 18" and more in some places but it was alright with me as I LOVE the snow. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. Adorable and quirky snowman, Dawn! The biggest snow fall I ever saw I was too young to remember but my Mum has told me the story countless times. I was 4 years old. We lived in Virginia, USA. Over 2 days at the end of January, we had 14 inches of snow fall on top of 6 inches of snow already on the ground and 50 mph winds that blew the drifts up to 3 feet and completely buried the cars. I had an ear infection and was crying with the pain. My Dad was stuck in Washington DC where he worked unable to get home and my Mum couldn't even get out because the snow was piled up against the screen doors.
    She called the doctor who called the pharmacy who called the local police who brought the medicine to our window for Mum to take. I have a lot of respect for police! Hugs,Lesley

  11. Oh my goodness what a dapper looking snowman. He's quite the little gentleman all decked out in his finest holiday regalia. I love him. And he wants to come home with me!

  12. Your snowman is just adorable. Love the glitter glass. It makes him look just like the real thing! The largest snowfall we have had in recent years was several years ago. We had a surprise blizzard on Halloween & ended up with 19 inches of snow. It blew drifts so high I couldn't open my front door as it was packed tight against it. I remember it most of all because I had 4 huge bags of candy ready to hand out to trick or treaters & got snowed in with it! There went my willpower! ha ha

  13. Mine was last year exactly one year from today!!!My son had just gotten married and we were on the east coast,and were going to stay a few extra days.
    I just happened to get an email from a friend on my phone saying the Midwest was getting an alert for unbelievable snow.
    We went and got are flight re-booked for that afternoon, we "waited" in the Baltimore airport for 5 hours after a 3 hour drive.
    We got the last flight out of there for 3 days it was closed down.
    We circled in the air for an extra hour when we got to Milwaukee because there was no clean airstrips the snow was falling that fast.
    We finally landed and had to charter a bus to drive us the 15 miles to our house- took 2 hours because of the snow.
    Needless to say this was nothing. When we woke up we couldn't figure out why it was so dark-we had gotten 20-24 inches of snow and the winds were whipping it around.We couldn't get any doors open. Our state closed down for 2 days.

    Such a fun snowman! love the colors and texture.

  14. Oh, Dawn, I do recall snowstorms, but never the year. I do remember the first year we moved back to Colorado from a brief time in California. We were staying at a corporate apartment, it was early spring, and we got dumped on!! The girls were outside the apartment making snow angels and it just all seemed so surreal. But that is Colorado for you!!
    Now why would I ever be bored at your blog? This is so fun to see the source of the snowman that I have sitting right next to my clock and it gives me such a smile every time I see it. If the patterns are super easy for sewing dummies, I just might purchase one, just so I can get over my fright of sewing machines!! Lol...I am thinking your birthday must be February 9th. Hopefully I won't forget that in the next few days. Exempt me from this offer though, I already have a sweet snowman from a sweet someone!!

  15. What a darling snowman, he's so cute. Living in California, there's no snow where I live, but I grew up in New York and I can recall many snowy days. We listened to the news to see if our school was closed. I remember one storm we got 26 inches of snow. Thanks for the chance to win.


  16. January of 1979 - my senior year of high school, we were out of school for 4 days (up in Vermont) that was quite a bit of missed time, we got over 24 inches of snow and it was a winter wonderland. Unfortunately for me, I only go back in late spring or fall and after living in Florida for 20 years, we have moved to NC and see a little snow, course none so far this winter! This snowman is so sweet, I am a huge snowman collector, I see a spot for him!

  17. Cute snowman! He would look great in my Christmas collections! We don't see a lot of snow but I would say the most we've had is probably a foot of snow.

  18. Wow, your snowman is beautiful Dawn!!!
    We had about 30 inches in the early 90's. We live way off the beaten path and the snowplow trucks couldn't push the snow back off the roads anymore, it was piled so high. Everyone finally dug out their front end loaders/tractors to clean the roads and lift the snow up over the piled snowbanks!
    Personally, I love being snowed in. Wish winter would come here soon, the temps were in the 60's today!
    take care Dawn!
    hugs & blessings

  19. What a beautiful job on the snowman. Just about everyone knows I love snowmen and have a large collection. Sixteen inches is the largest I've seen.

  20. I, too, LOVE snowmen, and this one is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing where to get the pattern. I'm going to have to check it out. And, thank you for so generously offering a chance to win this adorable fellow! As far as snow is concerned, I've only recently returned to the States after spending over ten years in Kenya, East Africa - so, it's been a long time since I've seen any amount of real snow. Having grown up in Maryland, I saw plenty, though. And, I do recall having a major snow storm in Georgia in March (on my son's birthday) years ago. Actually, the winter's been mild this year - almost too mild - and, personally, I'd like to see some snow before spring.

  21. Dawn,
    He is so stinking cute!
    The biggest snow fall that I remember was back in 1999, the year and winter my daughter was due. The week of my due date, we got 24 inches! I was so were we going to get to the hospital. Well, luckily my daughter was a week late and by the day we brought her home, we were sitting out in the backyard in 70 degree sunshine!
    Hugs, Heide

  22. Hi Dawn...the biggest snowfall we ever had was back in 1969....almost 2 foot with drifts at least 15 feet high. Closed all the highways going out of town. The Blizzard of 2011 was a killer too....almost 20 inches with drifts as tall as my package car. The first time in 28 years that I've known UPS to shut down complete operations. Love the snowman!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I forgot my snow fall! my husband & I were married in June of 76, and in Jan of 77 we got up one morning and the snow had drifted between our home and my girlfriends next door over our house, Our husbands climbed out the back windows and dug us out! I can't sew and love snowmen i think your is wonderful.

  24. This is a bit of tricky question, I had to think hard about
    It was in 1969 and it was about 4ft to 4ft 6" deep. xxxx

  25. The most snow I can remember recently would be about 24" last December 26. We had a day after Christmas snowstorm with snow on the ground for at least a month! Your snowman is adorable--love the colors!

  26. Dawn, your snowman is absolutely adorable. All those wonderful little details make him so special. I can see how much love you put into it. I think it must have been in the 60's when I was a little girl that I remember an April snow that brought us about 24". Being younger, it seemed so much deeper probably because my legs were shorter! Last year's 18" or so inches came close!

  27. Oh your snowman is so cute! You are one talented lady... love to see all your work.


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