Monday, June 7, 2010

Just Breathe

This weekend we took a trip over to the mountains..That is one of the wonderful
things about NC.. You get the mountains and the ocean.  We hiked for 4 hours
to the top of Chimney Rock.  It has an elevation of over 2000 ft. Half way to
the top you can see this magnificent waterfall.. At the top of the
mountain there is an American flag and a breathtaking view.  Well
I was breathless as we had just climbed hundreds of stairs..LOL
In true NC style we saw some snakes at the bottom of the falls.
These are nonvenemous but aggressive. (the guide told us that
after we were close to them) eeks.. 

My baby is in the playoffs right now.. He is doing great.  Two homeruns
this last game.  :)

This week is Release Week at Flourishes and then next week is
full of Dirty Dozen goodies.. So stay tuned. 
How is your summer going????


  1. Wonderful pictures, Dawn. Thanks for sharing those and congrats to your 'baby'! That is awesome ;D

  2. Beautiful places to be. Great pics.
    Have a wonderful time.

  3. Thank-you Dawn for sharing such awesome pictures! Congratulations to your son! My son plays competive sports so I can totally relate to your happiness!

  4. What a gorgeous waterfall - good for you for climbing to the top too :D I loved NC when we drove through it for a wedding I went to. Beautiful scenery all around. Congrats to your son too! A boy after my own heart...a home run hitter :D Best of luck to them in the playoffs. Make sure you cheer nice and loud mama LOL!

  5. Such a pretty hike! We almost went to Chimney Rock, but were way to sore and tired from hiking the day before(8 miles), back in April.
    Good luck to your son, quite the ball player! We have soccer try outs next weekend! It is so much fun watching our children in sports!

  6. Hi Dawn! I love your photographs, very beautiful scenery, looks like you had a great weekend. Good luck to your Son, fingers crossed for him and his team. Hugs, Chris

  7. What a beautifully awesome place, Dawn - thanks for sharing!!

  8. What fun photos Dawn!! Looks like you are having a good summer! Beautiful scenery and photos of your son!! Hope all goes well for the team!

  9. Dawn, what an awesome weekend! Thanks so much for sharing;D

  10. Dawn, NC looks gorgeous!! When we lived in Oregon, that was one of the things I loved about it, the coast and mountains nearby...
    your girls are the prettiest, even when hiking!
    Congrats on your son making playoffs, all that practice paid off!
    My summer is not as fun as yours yet...monitoring my landscaping project and taking the boat out once so far! Hugs, friend!

  11. Thank you Dawn for sharing this awesome pictures! Congratulations to your son!

  12. Hi Dawn~

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos with us! Please tell me that hiking was on trails, and didn't include mountain climbing! Yikes! It looks like it is nice and cool there!

    I live in Florida. Flat! Flat! Flat! However, we do have many snakes! lol We have... Rattlers, Copper heads, some pythons that people have released in the wild to grow to huge proportions! No Mountains. Yes oceans...and they are still ok for now. Praying that the oil will somehow get soaked up!

    I am glad you are enjoying your summer in NC!
    No alligators to worry about, either!

    Oh and, Congratulations on your son being in the play-offs! Woo-hoo!

    He IS Able,
    Traci S.

  13. Hi Dawn,
    I was in the Mnts too! Did you hit Blowing Rock??? Wouldn't it be funny if we had bumped into eachother?!!! Great pics! I don't think I could make that trek anymore! Glad you are enjoying your family. Time flies. I'm getting paniced about how much time I'll be gone in July... summer will be over before you know it! Tell your son congrats for me!!! He must be so proud!

  14. Beautiful pictures Dawn except the snake one!LOL!!


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